Mr. George Simon, son of a Lebanese immigrant, founded Made-To-Fit Garment Inc. in 1942. Since the start, the company has been specializing in the manufacturing of children's clothing from sizes 0 to 12 years. The company had its initial success in hockey related sportswear, inspired by the founder’s love for the game and his close relationship to the Montreal Canadians hockey team. In 1962 and 1963 respectively, the two sons of George Simon - Ronald and Kenneth - joined the Family enterprise.

In 1966, Mr. George Simon passed away and the leadership of the company was left to his two sons, Ronald and Kenneth. In 1982, the Simon brothers recognized the need for coordinate "tops" to match the "bottoms" that their company was already producing. The manufacturing of these "tops" was handled by the other Canadian companies under the "Krickets" license.

Today, MELMAT Sales & Distribution Inc. is proud to be the Exclusive Licensee of Krickets in Canada